New 2018 VariCore V40 3.7V 18650 26650 18350 16340 18500 25500 10440 17500 NiMH 1.2V AA AAA 5 V output LCD smart battery charger
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Tacitly approve EU plug,if you want US plug,please must leave message under the order! Invoice:V40 charger + 12V 2A adapter + manual+Exquisite packaging VariCore V40 Instructions Thank you for using the company\'s products - V40, it is a high-end smart charger with 4-channel independent charging / battery capacity detection / battery internal resistance detection / anti-reverse / short circuit protection / overcharge protection / temperature protection /1.65 V-2.2V voltage can not charge 10 function Function / USB 5V output and zero-volt battery activation, while a timely manner can automatically monitor the battery (charge detection) process. V40 can charge a variety of different types of cylindrical lithium ion battery and AA \\ AAA and other cylindrical nickel-hydrogen batteries, widely used in flashlights, electric tools, instruments, digital cameras and other electronic products, batteries. Safe to use, portable, powerful, is your home, travel a good helper A warning 1. This charger can only charge a cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, non-rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery; 2. Before use, please carefully refer to the instructions, pay attention to the recommendation of the rechargeable battery charging current, do not exceed the recommended charging current; 3. Do not use other power adapter; 4. Chargers discharge may be hot, be careful not to burn; 5. Stop use, unplug the power, removing the battery; 6. it can only be used in normal room. 7. This product test data for reference only, please refer to the actual situation of professional equipment. Second, characteristics 1.4 kinds of charging current regulator (300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA); 2. Can different specifications (18650/26650 ...... / AA / AAA) at the same time charging the battery; 3. The charger preclude the use of an independent panel LCD display, voltage (V) Current (mA) Time (h) Capacity (mAh) resistance (mR) parameters, E glance...; Under 4. CHARGE mode, 4 channel work independently, you can select different charging current for charging and Hunchong lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Under 5. FAST TEST mode, 4 channels can quickly detect the battery capacity, regardless of the lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, are working independently. Rapid detection of battery capacity process consists of a step (discharge) 6. NOR TEST mode, the battery capacity is normally detected by the three step process (1 to full power, 2 discharge, 3 refill), detection of battery capacity display process; (1 charging indication, 2 complete discharge End flashes, 3 End long light when fully charged). 7.CHARGE and FAST TEST / NO TEST 3 modes can work simultaneously; independent set charge / fast capacity detection / normal capacity detection; 8. A variety of protection functions: overcharge and over discharge, short circuit, temperature, 0V voltage activation function, (- ΔV & 0ΔV), 1.65V-2.2V Not charging function, identification bad battery detection and reverse battery protection. 9. with standard 5V / 1000 mA USB output function: from 1 to 4 lithium batteries lithium batteries USB output is completed, this product can not be nickel-metal hydride batteries with USB output. 10. with a dedicated power adapter: DC Input voltage: 12V / 2A. Third, the description of the keys 1. The charger has six buttons, mode selection key (MODE), the current selection key (CURREN), independently select and view data key (1234), the use of simple and convenient; 2. Hold down under any circumstances MODE key and hold for three seconds to change the CHARGE (charge) mode or FAST TEST, NOR TEST (capacity test) mode, then tap again corresponding to the function keys can be changed within 8 seconds, in current, independent, Hunchong, capacity testing, the selected function after 8 seconds into the working state, in working condition can tap the (1234) key to view the current (mA) / capacity (mAh) / voltage (V) / time (h) / resistance (mR) data reference value. Fourth, the mode Description: CHARGE (charging mode) 1. When the charger when the power is turned on, the charger all instant full brightness LCD screen, if the battery is not placed in the display Null, if it is a bad battery will also be displayed into the Null; 2. Insert the batteries power charger, the charger in three seconds or so to measure the internal resistance of the battery, after which the system automatically enters charge mode (CHARGE), the charger automatically default charging current is "500mA, in 8 seconds You can choose within the current key (CURREN) select 300mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1000mA charging current, the system locks the current you chose in 8 seconds after charging, if within 8 seconds, did not make the set, then the system automatically defaults to 500mA charging current, current and other functions at this time will not be changed, if need to change, need to change the mode button press from the election; 3. In the charge mode (CHARGE), within 8 seconds to change any of independent charging or different current selection, as well as different battery Hunchong. Simple, 8 seconds tap the corresponding button battery 1234, press mode button to change the mode, Press current key to changing the current, independent, Hunchong capacity detection function, selected after 8 seconds into the working state, pay attention to the size of the battery capacity to select the charge current, if not fast charge, we recommend charging 500mA, this is the most secure ; 4. charging mode, by tapping the button you can switch to view the 1234 charge capacity (mAh) / charging time (h) / battery internal resistance (mR) / charging current (mA), voltage (V) 5 kinds of units, the battery is fully charged after the show, (end of charge) II. Capacity detection mode (FAST TEST, NO TEST) two kinds (A) FAST TEST (rapid capacity test mode) 1. When the power is turned back into the battery charger, 8 seconds Tap (Mode button MODE) Select (FAST TEST Fast capacity detection mode), then press (current selection key CURREN) Select the desired current system in eight seconds after locking your choice to work. Quick Reference Table a capacity test procedure Rapid detection of battery discharge capacity and discharge capacity data recording in order to detect the battery capacity. Note that this product capacity test mode, the discharge mode is divided into two kinds, when you select the charge current (300mA, 500mA), the system automatically defaults to the discharge current is 250mA, when you select the charge current (700mA, 1000mA) , the system automatically default discharge current of 500mA, 3. After entering the NOR TEST mode, you can select by the current key (CURREN) select 300mA, 500mA, 700mA within 8 seconds, or 1000 mA current, the current system is locked after you select in 8 seconds,2. When the power is turned back into the battery charger, 8 seconds Tap (Mode button MODE), NOR TEST mode is selected, in any mode, press mode button for 2 seconds, you can enter the NOR TEST mode; 1. NOR TEST mode: is the first battery is full, then the battery discharge discharge capacity to detect and record the battery capacity after the battery is fully automated; capacity detection process with reference to Table II(B) NOR TEST (normal capacity detection mode) If in this 8-second period, did not make the set, then the system will automatically lock 500mA charging current (in this case is the default selected current charging current is automatically selected when the discharge current is 250mA discharge), in which 8 within seconds, select 700mA or 1000mA current charge, will automatically select the discharge current is 500mA discharge. 4. When the battery is full, the system automatically to discharge, the discharge current to the system defaults (select the charge current when a relationship), and record discharge data to detect the battery capacity, when the screen flickers, capacity test mode is ended parameter the LCD screen display is the actual capacity of the battery reference value;. 5. capacity test mode is ended, the charger will be selected before the battery charging current parameters again until the End long light when fully charged. Five, USB 5V output 5.1 USB 5V move only as an output, the output current of 1000mA, connect the power USB output is invalid. When the battery into the slot is about 5.2 output USB / 5V exchange wake up, this time can be on the 5V power supply and electronic products. 4 battery slot 5.3 product, any one slot for the USB output can recommend two slots are placed in the battery. 5.4 USB 5V output is only 3.7V lithium effective NiMH boost invalid. VI. Specific parameters 6.1 DC Input voltage: 12V / 2.0A 6.2 Li-ion battery charging current: 4.2V 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA 6.3 NiMH battery charging current: 1.48V 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA 6.4 Rechargeable Battery Specifications: 18350 ,18650,26650,14500, AA, AAA, etc. 6.5 discharge current: 250mA, 500mA 6.6 USB Output: 5V --- 1000mA 6.7 TERMINATION: intelligent voltage monitoring 6.8 Dimensions: 162mm (length) * 96mm (width) * 36mm (height).

  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: V40
  • Type: Electric
  • Battery Number: 1-4
  • Intelligent Charge: Yes
  • Output Interface: USB Output
  • Display screen: Yes
  • Quick charge: Yes
  • Brand Name: liitokala
  • Use: Standard Battery
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